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Oriental Face Massage


Oriental Face Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment incorporating an infusion of different techniques and influences from India, Japan, China, Tibetan Massage, Shamanic Philosophy and Rejuvenating Face Massage.

Slow massage strokes will help to drain toxins from the body, restore balance and encourage deep relaxation, whilst the stimulation of acupressure points will ensure that energy flows freely through the body bringing a positive effect on all the bodily systems. ┬áKneading techniques will increase circulation – eliminating toxins and bringing oxygenated blood to plump out both the superficial and deep facial muscles helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. ┬áRepetitive finger movements will help to ease tension and again, will help to reduce the signs of aging whilst also bringing colour to a persons complexion.


Physiological Benefits

  • Increased circulation supplying fresh blood & nutrients to all organs and tissues.
  • Elimination of toxins and impurities through increased lymphatic drainage.
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Improves condition of skin, by shedding dead skin cells and stimulating sebaceous glands to lubricate skin.
  • Relieve tension in the face, scalp, neck and shoulders
  • May bring relief to headaches and eye strain
  • Can help clear sinusitis and nasal congestion
  • May reduce teeth grinding and jaw ache
  • Improved concentration
  • May promote deeper sleep
  • May increase energy levels

Psychological Benefits

  • Promoting deep relaxation
  • Induces a calm state of mind
  • Can reduce anxiety, stress and tension
  • Promote feelings of well being and comfort
    Resulting in greater self esteem, self worth and confidence


What the treatment involves

Following a medical & lifestyle consultation, clients will be asked to remove the clothes from their upper body, leaving their underwear on and lie face up on the massage couch under the towels.

The treatment starts with some relaxation and energy work, followed by a neck massage and face massage which will include work on the meridian lines, acupressure points and lymphatic drainage.

Following a brief period of relaxation the client will gradually regain awareness and be asked to drink plenty of water to help the elimination of toxins from the body.

Each treatment will last for approximately 45 minutes.



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