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Reflexology is an holistic treatment treating the whole of the body through corresponding reflex points on the hands or feet, stimulating energy flow and the bodies own natural healing process.

Basic forms of Reflexology can be dated back to 3000BC where ancient Egyptians illustrated feet being held and massaged on tomb drawings.  However Reflexology as we know it today has been developed by a number of pioneers since the early 20th Century.

There is an inexhaustive list of ailments that people have gained relief from through Reflexology, as reflexology aims to re-balance the bodies energy systems thus bringing relief to the symptoms of illness.


Physiological benefits

  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulating any areas of stagnant energy
  • Elimination of toxins and impurities
  • Increased flexibility / reduced stiffness of joints
  • Revitalising the body’s natural energy, enabling it to regain its natural equilibrium

Psychological benefits

  • Promoting deep relaxation
  • Inducing a calm state of mind
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Feelings of well being and comfort


What the treatment involves

Following a medical & lifestyle consultation clients are treated lying on a therapy couch, but remain fully clothed save for their shoes and socks !

Following a relaxing foot massage to warm up the muscles, the reflex points for every system of the body are systematically massaged on both feet, please note that both feet are worked on at the same time ensuring the whole of a system is worked at one time, as apposed to some other reflexology methods.  Any imbalances found are worked on to try and rebalance the energy between areas of high toxicity and low toxicity.

An imbalance may be detected by the therapist or the client as:

  • Grittiness
  • Discomfort – in the area of the foot, or the corresponding part of the body
  • Bruised or tender feeling
  • A “popping” sensation in the reflexes – like miniature bubble wrap

The treatment ends with another relaxing foot massage.

Each treatment will last for 60 minutes, during which time you will feel deeply relaxed – if not asleep !


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